Netherlabs is the home of the Antonie DNA processor which can be found on GitHub.

Antonie is an integrated, robust, reliable and fast processor of DNA reads, mostly from Next Generation Sequencing platforms (typically Illumina, but we strive to be multiplatform). It is currently focussed on prokaryotic and other small genomes.

Antonie is free open source software, and we welcome contributions!

Initial focus is on automatically & quickly producing the most useful results on prokaryotic sized genomes. A second goal is to make the program robust against bad input: out of the box it should refuse to draw conclusions based on low quality or unnaturally distributed data.

Antonie is named after Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, the Delft inventor of microscopes and the discoverer of bacteria.

Antonie was developed at the Beaumont labs of TU Delft Bionanoscience by Bert Hubert, for more information see here.